Rafram Chaddad

The part that art takes in my life intrigues me also. I am moving between practices of installation, photography, video, performance and public space intervention. The displays are taking place both in strange locations but also in ‘dignified’ and main stream locations. I am interested in people, in the street, but also in the power relations within the art world itself. I am interested in my family, my life and my surroundings, but also in conceptual topics like time in general and time in relation to people.

I was born in Tunisia, and I work mainly in the art scene that is outside the Arab world. I am now trying to go back there with images from inside, to move and create from inside of the Arab sphere. I look at art as a profession but also enjoy playing inside this world.

I do many things in parallel, but I feel that art is the only language with which I am able to speak and communicate with other people.

In this website I gathered images and explanations about works and constellations from the last years. Here is a link to a CV that exposes more of the older projects that I was involved in, and of course feel free to contact me for further questions. I might have more images to share.