Rafram Chaddad (

*1976, Djerba, Tunisia



2000-2003: Musrara School of Photography and New Media, Jerusalem


Writing, teaching:

2012-2014: Guest teacher, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

2013: Rafram’s guide to the Libyan prison, Am Oved, Tel Aviv (book)

2013: Juror for ACC gallery Weimar studio program


Selected art projects:

2016: “Time capsule”, Gallery Hase29, Osnabuck, “Random Dream”, public space video work, Tunis, “Simer”. Galerry Kunstraum  LLC, New York, “Maltuta”, Gallery Hase29, Osnabruck (solo), ‘Kumsitz’, KIT – Kunst Im Tunnel, Dusseldorf; 2015: ‘Pkeila II’, Mercato del Carmine, Genova; 2015: ‘Pkeila II”, Hedi Turkey gallery, Tunis; “Orange trails”, Herzlia museum, Herzlia; “for them”, Voice gallery, Marrakech; “a dungeon with a sea view”. The Curfew Tower, Cushendall (solo) 2014: “pigna mon amour,” Pigna, San Remo (solo); “silence of the lambs,” Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum; “{[RAFRAM CHADDAD FISH × ELI PETEL HUMMUS] + (EXPO GATE ÷ RAFFLE)} =,” Lucie Fontaine, Milan (with Eli Pelel; “Relic,” Fortuna, Düsseldorf (with Christoph Knecht); Food and power relations in politics. part II, ACC Galerie, Weimar; “Pkeila,” Maximilian Forum / Platform Munich, Munich (solo) 2013: “Seagulls,” Galerie Armaturka, Usti nad Labem; “Black Swan,” Halle 14, Leipzig; “Food and power relations in politics,” Halle 14, Leipzig; “Non finito,” ArtPort, Tel Aviv; “Transparent Music,” public space, Bat Yam (with Shai Tsabari); “Come with me,” Artport, Tel Aviv (with Rirkrit Tiravnija) 2012: “Lettuce and water,” Damascus Gate, Jerusalem; “Zalatimo,” Zalatimo, Jerusalem (solo) 2008: “This is not Switzerland”, Village Nomade, La Corbiere; “Love difference,” CAMeC, La Spezia


Grants and residencies:

2015: Stipend artist, curfew tower, Cushendall
2014: Asylum arts scholarship; Bronner Prize, Düsseldorf
2013: Stipend artist, Halle 14, Leipzig
2012: ArtPort, Tel Aviv
2004: Cittadellarte, Biella / Snait foundation, New York

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