Fish In : Fish Out

Fish in, fish out – work in progress

Painting. 70 * 25 cm, approx.

I started doing this painting in 2006, during a visit in my birth town in Tunisia. My relatives asked me to paint a blue fish on a doorstep of a new house, after a marriage. It is a ritual that supposed to reject the evil eye. Fish, according to the local tradition, are a mascot due to their ability to leave under water and the fast they never close their eyes. When I paint the fish outside of Tunisia it becomes semi mascot and semi art work. It’s my hand, and the fish are from Tunisia. In Tunisia they pay me for the painting, outside, I ask for a fish dinner inside the house.
This work is on a permanent show in Lucie Fontraine gallery (the curator’s mother cooked fish for me), in Halle14 in Leipzig (the curator Frank Motz invited me to a sushi place), and it’s present in several countries, including Israel, France, Northern Ireland and England.

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  • fish05
  • 007fish2
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