Orange Trails

This project was build around the connection between ink and oranges, for Hertzlia Museum. My grandfather, in his printing house, used to mix orange blossom water with ink, for special edition print, so people could smell the oranges from the page.

I made few works for this project. I created ink from olive smoke, and made prints from an old Ex-Libris I found at my grandfather old printing house in the island of Djerba. In another work I took a coffee machine from 19th century, and filled it with ink and orange blossom, using olive smoke to spread the orange perfume. On the wall I hanged dried orange peels from 1/2/3 years ago, and outside of the museum I positioned a big grill stand, with coffee kettles. The coffee was made from a mix of coffee, coriander seeds and dried orange peels. The visitors were asked to drink coffee, eat oranges and throw the peels around the grill stand. Close to the coffee machine, I added 2 videos. One of my uncle, the man who was peeling the oranges, playing a musical piece about oranges, and another video, with my cousin, trying to teach a Palestinian friend, with Tunisian Arabic, how to play Tunisian backgammon.

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