Dimensions and material: 105 * 40 * 12 cm. glass, soil and Wood.

About: inside a wooden frame there are four hourglasses. Instead of sand there is soil. In each hourglass I placed soil from a different place. One from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, one from underneath Greenwich line in South London, one from Central Park in NYC and one from Izanagi shrine in Japan.

Each of them has different weight and consistency, and also a different story. Time there is more of an individual concept.

Close to the work there 4 small iron plates with samples of the soil. To feel.

  • soil1_web
  • IMG_20130609_123847
  • IMG_20130609_130449
  • IMG_20130609_125159
  • izanagi2l
  • izanagi1l
  • izanagi4l
  • izanagi5l
  • izanagi7l
  • izanagi11l
  • izanagi10l
  • soil02
  • soil01
  • soil03
  • soil04
  • soil05
  • izanagi13l
  • DSC01640
  • DSC01647
  • DSC01648

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