Transparent Music

Installation and performance

A collaborative work with the musician Shay Tzabari. It’s a search for the old music that was playing in the 70’s and 80’s in the city of Bat Yam and south Jaffa. This music was coming from the cars passing by, playing in high volume music.

The term transparent music comes to bring awareness to the music that was not played in main stream channels, but was still effective and relevant to many people.

The installation consists of 5 car seats spread around Bat Yam. In each seat there is a tiny mp3 player with the playlist that was built according to the memories from the 80’s. People will sit and listen to the music. It will happen for 3 days, while in the first day a Hafla (party) is planned, with the soundtrack by DJ Evgeni Chertkov. Next to them I will serve Brik, a Tunisian traditional food that was used to be served in the same place by Shmuel, an old Persian man.

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