Rafram Chaddad

I work with food. I talk, I teach and cook food. In order for it to be tasty, food should be local, from excellent products, be part of a support in local farmers, as part of local and immigrant’s traditions and seasonal.
I used to be the coordinator of Slow Food in Israel between 2005-2013. My work with Slow Food was about organizing food events featuring local farmers, giving lectures and helping farmers and chefs to meet and exchange ideas. These events and programs are held locally and world widely.

My expertise is in Israeli, Tunisian, Mediterranean and Jewish cuisine in their relations to culture, history, power issues and ingredients.










In the photo, Fish Couscous (2013). shot in Tunisia.

A Jewish dish, made from barley and seasonal fish.


In the past, I have facilitated panels about food and culture in DocAviv film festival and with cooperation with Tel Aviv Cinemateque.

I give lectures about food and teaching a course about food in Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem.

I am dealing with the concept of food without terroir. In the context of Jewish and immigrants food. This is a video of a short speech I gave in the last Slow Food congress in Turin (October 2012).