לוב | libya | ليبيا‎

What appears to be a strange break in my career as an artist, happened in March 20, 2010, in Tripoly (Libya).
I was kidnapped from my hotel room by the secret police, after taking photographs of Jewish synagogues and  graveyards.
It was only on August 8, 2010, when I was luckily smuggled out from the prison by Seif el Islam Gaddafi, Mohammed Ismail and Martin Shclaff. I was brought to Vienna on a private jet and ended my 6 months solitary confinement time.
Since then I wrote a book with this story. It was published in Hebrew now, and is currently being translated to English. There are also talks about a movie.

cover of the photo in hebrew









More about this can be read here.

From time to time, I give lectures about the six months I spent at Abu Salim prison in various locations.

In the art page, there is more about some of the objects I managed to create in that period of time.

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